At VOGEL FOREST PRODUCTS, we pride ourselves in producing a comprehensive selection of high quality and exotic tropical hardwood products.


We offer LUMBER in the most desirable species; all sourced from our own sustainably managed forests.

Available in a wide range of sizes, specifications and quality, we ship our LUMBER PRODUCTS direct from our mill in Brazil.


S4S / S2S



DRYNESS: AD (Air Dried) or KD (Kiln Dried) THICKNESS: (¾”) 19mm; 21mm; (1”) 25.4mm; (1 ¼”) 31.8mm; (1 ½”) 38.1mm; (2”) 50.8mm WIDTH: (3 ½”) 90mm; (4”) 101.6mm; (5 ½”) 140mm; 145mm LENGTH: 6’ and longer - – 1 foot increments  



QUALITY: FAS; COMMON & BETTER; MILL RUN DRYNESS: AD (Air Dried) or KD (Kiln Dried) THICKNESS: 25.4mm (1”); 31.8mm (1 ¼”); 38.1mm (1 ½”); 50.8mm (2”) WIDTH:  (4”) 101.6mm and wider – 1 inch increments LENGTH: 6’ and longer – 1 foot increments  


Other specific dimensions and specifications upon request and subject to mill’s availability.

We guarantee consistent supply, on time delivery and real time response.

Simply rest assured knowing that we have been thriving in this tough industry for over 20 years. We continually expand and improve our mill capacity and have over one million acres of timber reserve, so you can count on us for years to come.

WE CARE! We consider the preservation of native forests extremely necessary although defending the sustainably use of such forest. We recognize that the preservation of forests is important to control the climate, to hold the soil, to avoid river silting up, to preserve the fauna, to avoid unwanted weeds in crops, to produce food and medicine, to filtrate polluting agents and to reduce the risk of Global warming.  With the purpose of protecting this relationship between the wood and the forest, we encourage the use of other wood species.

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