About Us


We are a globally recognized producer of sustainable forest products, with 20 years of experience. We have our own forest concession in Brazil (State of Para), in which we consistently harvest with world-accepted practices on sustainable forest management, sourcing raw material to ensure premium quality exotic tropical hardwood products. We have our own mill in an area of 90.000 m2 (approximately 1 million Sq. Ft), where we produce the timber and lumber using the ultimate technology and machines, operated by skillful workers and continuously monitored by experienced quality inspectors. We have our own transportations (barges to bring the logs into our mills and trucks to deliver the goods to the ports). We control the whole supply chain. There is no better all-around resource.

Serving the Unites States market since 2004 by way of direct mill export, in 2013, we launched our DISTRIBUTION CENTER in the City of Savannah, Georgia State, in order to rapidly delivering premium quality products. With our direct import operation, we provide prompt shipment of high quality products at competitive price. We do not have intermediaries (procurement nor agent expenses). THE WHOLESALERS do not have to worry about overseas operation expenses, nor ocean transit time, nor Customs clearance, nor truck liners hassle, nor overseas prepayment, allowing them to have a cash flow maximization.

We continuously maintain stock of durable and beautiful IPE DECKING in the standard sizes for the US MARKET. We are registering Wholesalers for our IPE DECKING. Please contact us if you want to have the best quality products with the best turn over.

We only sell large volumes, serving the WHOLESALERS. If you are an end-user customer, looking for small volume, and found our company while searching thoroughly the web, please click here, we will gladly inform the nearest reliable merchant that sells our premium quality products.

VOGEL FOREST PRODUCTS is your natural source for IPE DECKING and EXOTIC TROPICAL HARDWOODS. Other species and specifications can be direct shipped from our mill in Brazil.

Available species: CABREUVA / CUMARU / GARAPA / JATOBA / MASSARANDUBA / TAURI / TIGERWOOD and many more. Please send your inquiries.


Thank you!